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This is N. H. R., this e-mail is to encourage you to continue your vision. I just listened to the "Rational thinking" Arabic lectures. They amazed me, they are really true and they already changed my way of thinking about things that bring happiness for people. ...more

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Important Announcement from CCM founder & director

Dec. 26, 2016

(For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” (1Cor 11: 31“

“The constant self-revision is the golden rule for those looking for God.”
(Brother A. M. Carier the Dominican)


After 25 years in ministry, I find myself in a state of deep soul-searching, such that calls for an indefinite leave allowing for time to attend with particular care to my personal relationship with God and what He might be asking of me. While I am turning my attention more inwardly, I cannot carry out leading and guiding others until I have myself sought God for my own needs. I deem it both right and honest to free myself for my relationship with God just as I once decided to free myself of other concerns for the ministry.


For ministry, significant as it is, comes second to my own intimate relationship with God.


Despite the presence of well-equipped team of ministers with us, able to enrich others in their own ways, none of them finds themselves ready to shoulder the responsibility of leading the ministry in my absence. With what light I have now, after a length of thought and prayer, I think such decision is the proper one at the time, and so beginning the 1st of June 2017, the Counseling and Christian Maturity Ministry (CCM) and its affiliated activities will stop until such a time as God will decide such an important Christian ministry can be re-born. I ask everyone who must have benefited from our ministry one way or another to lift us in their prayers that this step may work out to achieve God's purposes in our lives.


From now and till the first of June, scheduled counseling sessions will continue as planned at our usual premises.


Bless you all

Moushir S. Fares