Living Testimonies

My dear amazing friends who run this website,

I'm aware that my problem needs direct counseling but honestly after I listened to the Arabic lectures by Mr. Moushir, I started feeling a lot better especially that I go to a psychiatrist and I'm on some medications but I feel that what Mr. Moushir offered me was more helpful because I was finally able to relate some incidents of my life to my feelings and realized that the painful childhood I had has a main role in how I behave now.

I've read the basic curriculum and took notes then I listened to the audio recorded counseling lectures and spent hours meditating on what I've heard.

After I listened to the one about child abuse I went into a tough phase of depression but I quickly regained my psychological strength. I feel so exhausted from all the changes I'm going through now but I'm determined not to take a single step back and I agree with Moushir that change is very hard and has a bitter taste and sometimes I tell myself (wasn't I surviving well before I knew all this), but after a short while I regain my determination and enthusiasm to change.

The lectures about psychological maturity also helped me a lot. I listen to them a lot these days, take notes and monitor some of my psychological and behavioral problems. I like a lot what Moushir provides and I'd like to mention the great example that he gave a girl that was a victim of some sexual abuse, when she tried to deny it saying, "No, they were only kidding"; talking about her mom and aunt when they used to pull the underwear she was wearing, then finally after his example the girl was convinced, just as I was finally convinced that my parents negligence  and verbal abuse against me when I was a child was also another form of violence.

Sorry of the prolongation but I'm so excited to discover every update on this website and I wish for you to guide me to some books and references that describes and explains my case so I would read more about my problem which is social fear and anxiety, until I plan a vacation to Egypt to make an appointment with one of your counselors which I wish would be Mr. Moushir.

with love to everyone

A. A.

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Living testemonies

(From an Egyptian lives in LA)

This is N. H. R., this e-mail is to encourage you to continue your vision. I just listened to the "Rational thinking" Arabic lectures. They amazed me, they are really true and they already changed my way of thinking about things that bring happiness for people. Read more ...

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