Living Testimonies

"It is so difficult to find words to express what the counseling relationship meant for me. It is the highest of human relationships that I ever got.

I have found someone who listened to me and to my agony, aware of and familiar with my psychological complications, and can help me without drifting in to carry my responsibilities for I am a too torn& weak to be able to carry a straw. On the contrary, he put the strength and ability in me, accepted me as I am and edified me. It is just difficult for me to describe the role of the counselor and counseling.

Although I know the counselor does not have a magic wand to change my life, what happened and still happening with me makes me think a lot that I stepped in an imaginary world and something magical has happened to me!
I feel sorry that there are no words to describe this work and its importance to human life. What can I say and who can hear me where I really do not find articulation of which I can tell others to benefit from such work; the work that is greater than to be put in words. A “Thanks” is stands powerless before what is given to me through counseling.

W. D. (a client)


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Living testemonies

(From an Egyptian lives in LA)

This is N. H. R., this e-mail is to encourage you to continue your vision. I just listened to the "Rational thinking" Arabic lectures. They amazed me, they are really true and they already changed my way of thinking about things that bring happiness for people. Read more ...

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