Living Testimonies

Dear Moushir
I wanted to share with you the impact of the class (some group) yesterday, and I have no objection to share it with others.
The class yesterday left a deep spiritual influence inside me, although it was as you said, we almost did not discuss any new subject.
I do not know exactly what led to that effect in me, but this certainly was the work of the Spirit of God.

I came out of the class and I had within me a strong desire and urgent need for more knowing of God. It is true that this desire and that hunger and thirst to know God and to learn began growing inside me since a while and since I joined the class, but yesterday I felt that desire strongly burning inside me and I found myself in the case of recovery of my soul led me to speak with God out loud when I was alone while driving my car on my way back home.
We have been accustomed in the past that we get a spiritual enthusiasm during time of praise or after hearing an impressive sermon, but we did not get used to feel such thing after a time of academic teaching. I did not feel a situation of temporary emotional enthusiasm, but I think I was under the influence of deep spiritual conscious. In another words, I can say that it was like a state of interior enlightenment allowed by God to me through this teaching in this class. I found myself saying to God, I want to know you, and with a strong conscious, obsessed with asking so. I acquired such a strong desire on all my being till I realized that my ultimate purpose really is as Paul said, "to know Him..." Even if my life was the price of this knowledge as requested by the writer whom you spoke about yesterday, who asked the Lord if a recurrence of cancer would add to his experience of knowing Him, he'd welcome this experience again, and already the cancer ended his but knew God more than ever. Yesterday, I shared that after my personal experience with cancer, if I have been asked to choose between not having the cancer and not knowing God on the deep level, I definitely choose the cancer again with all of its pain.

In this period on my life, I feel that I do not have any ambition towards anything, whether temporal or spiritual as far as my ambition to know God and grow in His knowledge, I find myself asking; who are you God?
I like the time of reflection and education and at the same time, there is a less desire inside me to the existence in an atmosphere of public meetings, services, or activities. I am at a strong desire to solitude, reading, and learning and meditate.

A.S. (a member of a group)

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Living testemonies

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