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Book Name : Sensorimotor psychotherapy
Borrowing Code : 93/1
Author : Pat Ogden
Category : Counseling, Psychology & Psychiatry
Publisher : The Norton series
Publish Date :
Language : English
Translator Name : - Not translated/غير مترجم -
Type : English Book
Size : 600 Page
Number of Copies : 1

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SECTION ONE Getting Started
CHAPTER 1 Essential Principles
CHAPTER 2 Orientation for Therapists
CHAPTER 3 Orientation for Clients

SECTION TWO Basic Concepts and Skills
CHAPTER 4 The Wisdom of the Body , Lost and Found
CHAPTER 5 The Language of the Body : Procedural Learning
CHAPTER 6 Pay Attention : The Orienting Response
CHAPTER 7 Mindfulness of the Present Moment
CHAPTER 8 Directed Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity
CHAPTER 9 The Triune Brain and Information Processing
CHAPTER 10 Exploring Body Sensation
CHAPTER 11 Neuroception and the Window of Tolerance CHAPTER 12 Three Phases of Therapy

SECTION THREE Phase 1 : Developing Resources
CHAPTER 13 Appreciating Your Strengths : Survival and Creative Resources
CHAPTER 14 Taking Inventory : Categories of Resources
CHAPTER 15 Somatic Resources
CHAPTER 16 Grounding Yourself
CHAPTER 17 Core Alignment : Working with Posture
CHAPTER 18 Using Your Breath
CHAPTER 19 A Somatic Sense of Boundaries
CHAPTER 20 Developing Missing Resources

SECTION FOUR Phase 2 : Addressing Memory
CHAPTER 21 Implicit Memory and Your Resource Repertoire
CHAPTER 22 Reconstructing Memory : Finding Resources in a Painful Past
CHAPTER 23 Dual Awareness of Past and Present
CHAPTER 24 Sliver of Memory
CHAPTER 25 Restoring Empowering Action
CHAPTER 26 Recalibrating Your Nervous System : Sensorimotor Sequencing
CHAPTER 27 Emotions and Animal Defenses
SECTION FIVE Phase 3 : Moving Forward
CHAPTER 28 The Legacy of Attachment
CHAPTER 29 Beliefs and the Body
CHAPTER 30 Making Sense of Emotions
CHAPTER 31 Moving through the World : How We Walk
CHAPTER 32 Boundary Styles in Relationships
CHAPTER 33 Connecting with Others : Proximity-Seeking Actions
CHAPTER 34 Play , Pleasure , and Positive Emotions
CHAPTER 35 Challenging Your Window of Tolerance


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