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Book Name : Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-lll-R
Borrowing Code : 6/ 1
Author : Robert L. Spitzer
Category : Counseling, Psychology & Psychiatry
Publisher : American Psychiatric Association
Publish Date : 1987
Language : English
Translator Name : - Not translated/غير مترجم -
Type : English Book
Size : 337 Page
Number of Copies : 1

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Introduction v
Cautionary Statement vii
DSM – III – R Classification 1
Use of This Manual 25
The Diagnostic Categories
Disorders Usually First Evident in Infancy ,
Childhood , or Adolescence 47
Organic Mental Syndromes and Disorders 77
Organic Mental Syndromes 77
Dementias Arising in the Senium and
Presenium 84
Psychoactive Substance-induced Organic
Mental Disorders 86
Organic Mental Disorders associated with
Axis III physical disorders or conditions ,
Or whose etiology is unknown 104
Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders 107
Schizophrenia 113
Delusional Disorder 119
Psychotic Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified 121
Mood Disorders 125
Anxiety Disorders 139
Somatoform Disorders 151
Dissociative Disorders 157
Sexual Disorders 161
Sleep Disorders 171
Factitious Disorders 177
Impulse Control Disorders Not Elsewhere
Classified 179
Adjustment Disorder 183
Psychological Factors Affecting Physical
Condition 187
Personality Disorders 189
V Codes for Conditions Not Attributable to a
Mental Disorder That Are a Focus of
Attention or Treatment 203
Additional Codes 209

Appendix A Proposed Diagnostic Categories
Needing Further Study 211
Appendix B Decision Trees for Differential
Diagnosis 219
Appendix C Alphabetic Listing of
DSM – III – R Diagnoses 233
Appendix D Numeric Listing of
DSM – III – R Codes 247
Abbreviated Symptom Index 261
Diagnostic Index 305

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